Friday, 30 October 2015

Clouds walk

Clouds walk is a must do activity when you are in Thekkady. It is a long guided trek for about 3-4 hrs up the mountains and forests.
The quest of a mountain trekker is for the freedom of the hills, to be at home in the high wilderness with no barriers that he cannot pass, no danger he cannot avoid with due caution and proper knowledge. This quest gives him/her true bliss. He develops real love for the mountain regions and appreciation of their grandeur.

Trekking leads to a closer interest in plants, trees, birds and animals, indeed in all forms of natural study. It inculcates the virtue of sacrifice, the value of physical exertion, sometimes to the limit of endurance, and above all, the spirit of comradeship. A sense of adventure adds excitement to the trek.

Trekking is an art which any healthy and young minded person can learn at any age. But it is best to start early in life to get the most out of it. Trekking does not demand great strength or immense wealth but merely your desire and willingness. A sound trekker is mindful of his own minimum needs; he must give up certain comforts and avoid burdening himself with the non-essentials.

By participating in the trek, you feel the lifestyle and the landscape of the tribal and non tribal communities. From the vantage point, you can have a look at grasslands, evergreen, deciduous and riverine forest and the expanses of irrigated arid land across the border where the nectar from the river Periyar provides the breath of life. Hotel Tigers Roare provides you an excellent opportunity to enjoy trekking if you choose to stay with us. Visit

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Elephant Ride

Elephant ride is a very interesting activity, conducted in Thekkady. Elephants are and will always be a fantasy to people. One can enjoy a ride on an elephant through a spice plantation where a light gentle breeze will refresh you with the mild scented air.

Elephants are a common sight on our roads and temples and are still used in forestry operations. They are an ideal option to explore some inaccessible places in the jungles. Elephant safari helps the visitor to travel through such difficult terrains where even jeeps can't venture! Most of all, an elephant ride in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary gets you up close and personal with these majestic animals.

Riding an elephant takes you back to the royal era, when only the Kings used to ride on these majestic creatures. Elephant Safari in thekkady is equipped with a howdah, a large seat on which they and the visitors sit, and with an umbrella over the riders head. The elephant moves slowly and steadily, that's why this type of safari is ideal in and around the wild regions, where riding the elephant can give you an easy access for viewing the unknown wildlife. 

Usually this activity lasts from 30min to 1hr and will be accompanied by guards. At a time only two tourists can take the ride. During your ride, you can watch the wild elephants taking bath in the water bodies. If you are interested in photography, then you can easily take pictures of the wildlife while riding and cherish them as souvenirs of your fantastic journey into the forest. Hotel Tigers Roare provides you an excellent opportunity to enjoy this activity if you choose to stay with us. Visit