Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Jeep Safari - For Those Adventurous At Heart

Jeep Safari in Thekkady

Thekkady is abundantly blessed with natural beauty. The unending hills and evergreen forests add up the picturesque beauty. The forests in Thekkady are rich in wildlife. Thus, it’s best to avoid detailed expedition into these forests on foot (don’t want any daring ventures in which one might end up being a tiger’s snack!). To explore such off beaten tracks, one can opt for jeep safari. 

While moving through the forests in the jeep, a tiger is spotted on the way ahead. Imagine the excitement that fills one in seeing those majestic cats alive and walking. Grab a camera and click a few pictures. The sight would be fresh as morning dew in the mind, lifelong and each time the experience would feel brand new when shared. This is what a jeep safari in Thekkady can promise. 

Clamber over rocks, splash through some puddles in an open top jeep and off you go through the forests. Explore the forests like never before, watch the wildlife in its natural habitat. A skilled and expert driver who can steer the jeep efficiently away from harm’s way will ensure the traveller’s safety while promising some clicks on those priceless moments. 

Rich in wildlife, once inside the forests, one can easily spot a herd of elephants or a tiger. Apart from an elephant or a tiger, many other animals like langurs, squirrels, etc. could also be spotted.
While going on a jeep safari the most important point to be kept in mind, always follow rules. They are laid out to ensure safety. A piece of advice to adrenaline junkies: it’s a wild world out there! The animals found roaming is best left alone and undisturbed.